We all have a story to tell if we could only talk.


Some of us have been left in a shelter because our owner can no longer care for us or we got lost due to environmental conditions,
like an earthquake, fire or flood.  Some of us were tied up and left or pushed through a mail slot at a shelter in the middle of the night.

It is really scary in the shelter or being on the streets alone.  Some of us try and survive with bigger dogs that are not so nice and
we have to be strong to get our fair share of food or water in the over crowded shelters. Those of us that are lost on the streets have to find food and water where we can until someone finds us.


What you need to know about us.


Most of the time when we enter a shelter the veterinarians have to guess our age from the size and condition of our teeth. 
They have no idea if we are current with vaccinations so we get them there.  That means the only records we come with are
usually what was given at the shelter and what the rescue has done to ensure we are current with vaccinations and either spayed or neutered and micro chipped. We are tested for our temperament but some of us need help to learn manners. A few of us are lucky and have manners.

When we are rescued by a rescue group we go into foster homes and our foster parents start working with us so we can be better matched for your family, BUT, the work continues with you. 


When you consider a Rescue Dog.


Please remember that the rescues can’t make us perfect in the short time they have us and you, our new parents, are the ones giving us a second chance to be a great companion in your life.  We need your life long commitment, time and effort to continue our training and to keep us healthy. In return we will give you unconditional love and lots of kisses.

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